A downloadable game

The game is by Smelly Frog, I am making an editor for the levels on my own.

You can find the code here: https://github.com/formazione/timecrystals.git

I will make an exe soon.


ADD TILES --------------------------

The tiles are now in the bottom of the screen. Click on them to choose them and then click where you want to put them on the screen.

DELETE ------------------------------

a tile with the right click of the mouse

ADD CRYSTALS --------------------

Put crystals in the screen with the MIDDLE mouse BUTTON

MOVE THROUGH ROOMS ----------------------

Move with the arrow keys throught the different rooms.

SAVE ------------------------------------------

with 's'

Once you saved, the data are into the levels2.py that will be loaded in the game, so you do not have to do anything else. If you want to preserve a set of rooms, you should change the name of them. I am thinking to make more maps, so that when you finish a level with some rooms, you can go to another level with different rooms and graphic. Stay tuned.

Development log


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Great job pal, nice Interesting tool.

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Thank you, stay tuned because I am still working on it to make it more easy and fun to use to create maps for the game of smelly frog. Probably I will make it more usable also for other type of tiled based games. I made a new version 2.1, easier to edit now.